Spooky Season is here…is your furry friend ready?

Halloween is approaching…but sometimes it can be more tricks than treats for our dogs!

As fun as it is to dress up our furry companions and hand out candy to eager children waiting at our doorstep with adorable costumes, Halloween can be stressful for family pets. Watching the doorbell ring all night and seeing strangers in unfamiliar clothing can cause many dogs stress.

What can we do to help Fido remain calm and actually enjoy this eventful holiday with us? Here are some tips to hopefully help your dog:

  • Exercise your pup throughout the day. Going to the dog park, dog beach, taking a hike or coming to Bow Wow are great ways to physically and mentally stimulate your dog. Getting that mental and physical exercise can reduce the amount of energy they have to stress out around the house.

  • CBD or Hemp Oil. Our friends at Holistic Hound make CBD products especially for your furry friend! This helps with stress, separation anxiety, inflammation- and has numerous other benefits for your dog!

  • Keeping the candy bowl and other human tasty treats away from Fido can assure you that the night will go on and the only individuals getting a sugar rush are the children!

  • Make sure your pet has their collar, tag, and microchip up to date. We always want to make sure that our pets are safe during holidays when doors are always opening and closing. Just in case the incident ever happens where your pet may dart out the door- they’ll have their ID with them so they can be returned to you as soon as possible.

We hope that you have a great Halloween this year and we look forward to seeing our fuzzy guests at Bow Wow with their costumes for our 2019 Halloween Costume Contest on October 30 & 31st. Prizes will be announced when we get closer to our contest dates!