Dog Training

Professional Dog Training in Burbank, CA

Some pet parents feel like they can only dream of a dog who doesn’t jump on guests, pull on the leash, or run away when they’re called. At Bow Wow Bungalow, we make these dreams into reality every day! Our professional training team taps into your dog’s natural motivations and perspective to bring out the best in him or her. We believe good training is the single most important key to the happiest and most fulfilling relationship with your dog, and we can’t wait to help your family.

Dog being trained to shake hands


Conditions apply. Please contact us for details.

Customized Training Programs

Dog jumping to catch a frisby

Every dog has unique needs and desires—there is no effective “one size fits all” approach to training. Every training program begins with a thorough discussion and assessment of your individual challenges and training goals. Then, we consider your dog’s breed and personality to determine the training approach they’ll respond to (and enjoy!) the most.

Stay & Train Dog Training Programs

Our most popular training programs are our Stay & Train overnight camps. These all-inclusive training camps include:

  • Nightly lodging in our climate-controlled accommodations, complete with round-the-clock supervision and care
  • Multiple daily training sessions one-on-one with a training professional
  • Daily activities and playtime with the group or with a caregiver
  • Take-home resources including “homework” exercises, reference materials, and more
  • Private departure lessons with you and your family to show you your dog’s new skills and demonstrate how to reinforce them at home
  • Phone support from our training team long after the program’s conclusion

What makes our Stay & Train programs so effective is the immersive, consistent training environment. While you’re traveling for work or vacation, your pup receives training lessons at regular intervals with consistent teaching in a focused setting. With more practice and exposure to our trainers in a compact amount of time, your pup will come home with lots of new knowledge—that will last!

Play & Train Dog Training Programs

If you prefer the idea of a “day camp,” Play & Train is your perfect training solution. While your dog plays and exercises in our daycare program, they’ll break for multiple training sessions between playtimes. This balance of play and learning ensures your dog is attentive and well-exercised for each lesson, increasing retention.

Play & Train includes:

  • A day of fun social or personal play in our award-winning doggie daycare
  • Customized training sessions between playtimes, designed for the results you want
  • A private, climate-controlled room to rest and recharge
  • Package options available

Play & Train is the ideal training option for those pet parents on the go who want to pick up their dog at the end of the day—just like human school for your furry friend.

Private Dog Training Lessons

For those pet parents who prefer a more hands-on approach to dog training, our private lessons are a great and flexible solution. You’ll meet one-on-one (or two-on-one if you count your pup!) with one of our training professionals. We’ll demonstrate training techniques and work with both of you to achieve the results you want, right here in our Burbank, CA training facility.

Teaching a golden retriever to jump for a treat

Puppy Training

Dogs are most impressionable in the first several months of their life. This is the ideal time to begin training and developing the skills your dog needs to flourish in their adulthood. Bow Wow Bungalow offers special training programs designed for the unique needs of puppies to help start them off on the right paw.

  • Introduction to important obedience cues
  • Development of a healthy routine including potty breaks and playtimes
  • Focus on social skills with people and other puppies
  • Take-home materials for pet parents specific to puppy training
  • Stay & Train and Play & Train camps designed just for the little ones

Puppy Socialization

One of the most critical learning experiences puppies go through is socialization with people and other dogs. Poor early socialization can lead to challenges later in life, some of which are difficult to overcome including aggression, fear, separation anxiety, and others. Since dogs are such social animals by nature, they thrive and enjoy the most fulfillment when able to play and learn among their own.

Bow Wow Bungalow’s Puppy Social program invites puppies ages 4-6 months to participate in complementary, supervised puppy playtimes at our resort. Call us today to find out when our next session is and to book your spot!


Conditions apply. Please contact us for details.

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Dog Training FAQ

Our training team specializes in turning your family pet into the best member of the household they can be. Obedience training, home manners, social skills, and behavior modification are part of any Bow Wow Bungalow training curriculum. We’re happy to work on other or more specific goals you may have, which we can discuss further with you during your training evaluation.