Dog Training

Professional Dog Training at Bow Wow Bungalow

Does your dog have issues with...

  • Jumping Up?
  • Excessive Barking?
  • Pulling on leash?
  • Reactivity?
  • Overexcitement?
  • Crate or Potty Training?
  • Chewing or Destruction?
  • Socialization w/people & dogs?
  • Showing Aggression toward people or dogs?

Then Obedience Training at Bow Wow is for you!

Dog being trained to shake hands

Call us to speak with our trainers & schedule your free evaluation!

Conditions apply. Please contact us for details.

Traditional Obedience Training Centers on Basic Commands

Dog jumping to catch a frisby

These are considered foundational and include sitting, staying, laying down, waiting, heeling, and coming when called. Improved communication through obedience will make training your dog a rewarding experience for the entire family.

  • All our clients receive a customized, goal-oriented plan that is tailor made to meet your family’s needs & canine obedience aspirations. We always consider your dog's personality, behavioral history, and working drive before executing any training.
  • Our approach to training is modern, reward based, and balanced. We teach our dogs desired behaviors using both reward-based techniques and aversive corrections, which the dog will only be introduced to once it associates a behavior with a command.
  • We don’t like to box ourselves in when it comes to training styles, tools, or techniques used to get your dog where they need to be behaviorally.
  • Our trainers use head halters, treats, slip collars & leads, prong collars, and e-collars for off leash recall work. Through education and proper execution, we promise to always use these tools responsibly.
Teaching a golden retriever to jump for a treat

Call us to speak with our trainers & schedule your free evaluation!

Conditions apply. Please contact us for details.

Man hugging a golden retriever

How Training at Bow Wow Bunaglow Works

  • Schedule Your Appointment
    • At your convenience, we agree on a date and time for you to bring your dog in.
  • Training Evaluation
    • Proper dog training requires serious commitment! Anyone who regularly lives or interacts with your dog should be present for the initial evaluation. Think of this as a formal, friendly conversation about your dog & their general behavior.
  • Train Your Way
    • Our daycare & boarding programs are the perfect time for your trainer to work your dog's obedience skills with private lessons throughout the day.
  • Follow Up
    • Bow Wow Bungalow is here for you every step of the way. We provide follow up lessons, showing you how to utilize your dog’s new skills.