Introducing the Pet Exec App!

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Have you downloaded the Pet Exec app yet? If not, you should!

Here’s why it’s helpful:

You don’t need to go onto your laptop to make changes to your information, simply login into the app on your phone and change away!

You can edit your contact information, your address, people who are authorized to pick up your pet and much more! You can edit your pet’s information (i.e. change of vet) and upload new shots records. No need to worry about making that phone call to book your pet’s boarding stay, you can reserve your pet’s stay online through our app!

Just login with your username and password! If you need assistance with your customer portal, please call/text/email the office and they can help you!

Phone number: 818 565 3555

Text: 805-604-5122


Dog of the Week


Misk is a 4.5 month old Golden Retriever who just recently joined us here at Bow Wow!
At first, Misk was really weary of her new surroundings but after she made a few friends she has really blossomed into a very loving social girl who greets every dog in the yard.

She is her mom’s first puppy and we definitely think her mom got very luck with Misk! She is such an adorable golden and we hope to see her grow up for many years to come!

Holistic Hound & CBD treats


Does your dog have anxiety? does your dog have arthritis?

CBD is one of the top new products that owners are using to help their pets!

Whether it’s senior dogs or even rescue dogs- we all are familiar with issues like separation anxiety, hip dysplasia and arthritic pains that our furry family members can get.

Holistic Hound supplements are derived from full spectrum hemp, which contains CBD plus minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and other beneficial constituents. These work together for what is known as “the entourage effect” for optimal therapeutic benefits.

Veterinarian-formulated, THC-free and organically grown in the USA to support your pet’s health, wellness and vitality.


We carry different formulas of the CBD treats from Holistic Hounds!

Click here to find more articles and information about the benefits of CBD for dogs.

What does boarding look like?

We often get the question on what the boarding looks like since we do not give tours of the back (for safety reasons).

Bodhi in Boarding

Bodhi in Boarding

Compton in boarding

Compton in boarding

All our boarders are put in a their own private kennel where they have ample space to move around and lounge. You are welcome to bring your dog’s bed, toys, and any items that will bring him/her comfort as long as it does not pose a choking hazard.

Siblings (dogs in the same family) are welcome to stay in the same kennel together. All our kennels range in size so even a family of three shepherds can be in the same kennel.

All our kennel areas are temperature controlled and sanitized every day!

Dog of the Week


Frank is a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and he’s one of the fluffiest guys around!

Frank is a huge fan of the treat bowl and it’s the first stop he makes when he gets to Bow Wow.
Not only is Frank big but he has a big heart to match! He’s super sweet and friendly.

Frank can be seen swimming in the pool or playing with all his friends on camera. There’s not a dog or person that Frank doesn’t like!